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Shower head (SPA5F10B18)

Shower head, 5 spray power options: Spray, Massage, EcoSpray, Spray+Massage, Spray+EcoSpray. Diameter 104 mm, chrome, ABS-plastic. Package: cardboard box, individual inner bag.

  • LongLive


    LongLive premium quality brass is a guarantee of longer life expectancy of goods
  • 3 years warranty

    3 years warranty

    3-years warranty
  • Round Switch

    Round Switch

    Unique innovative system of controlling settings is located on the outer side of the showerhead
  • PerfectFit


    PerfectFit since in addition the collection comprises accessories for the faucets in different styles, it makes mixing and matching hassle-free
  • Fast Clean

    Fast Clean

    Deposits formed on the surface of the showerhead can be easily wiped off by hand
  • MirrorSurface


    Finely polished mirror-like surface produces glossy shine and assures carefree maintenance


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