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Bathroom Accessories / Collections / Malme / MALSBC0B43

Toilet tissue holder with a cover (MALSBC0B43)

Brass, multilayered chrome plating finish, mounting hardware set, packaging: a cardboard box with a transparent window

  • LongLive


    LongLive premium quality brass is a guarantee of longer life expectancy of goods
  • More&More


    More&More - a wide selection of items in these collections offers a multitude of solution for those who strive to add new details to their existing interior, yet to keep it in the same designer style
  • SmoothLine


    SmoothLine flawless smooth, shiny surface is the result of careful treatment and final polishing of the faucet
  • PerfectFit


    PerfectFit since in addition the collection comprises accessories for the faucets in different styles, it makes mixing and matching hassle-free
  • 7 years warranty

    7 years warranty

    7-years warranty


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